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Developed by the U.S. Army, DEET is the most popular way to control mosquitoes despite the ill effects on skin and health. Concentrations up to 100% DEET can be purchased in the U.S., however Canada barred sales of any repellent containing more than 30% DEET due to its high toxicity. Contrary to folklore,...

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  • Answer 1 of 12: We will be in Bali for 3 weeks in August. What is the best repellent for mosquitos and can we get it there or should be stock up here. What about Mosquito repellent plugins and coils - are they widely available.
  • Thailand Hotels and Places to Stay. The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort. 2,731 Reviews. View Hotel. Phuket Town, Phuket. Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. 11,759 Reviews. View Hotel. Bangkok, Thailand. Laoliang Island Resort. 66 Reviews. View Hotel. Trang Province, Thailand. Amari Watergate Bangkok. ...
  • By choosing the best mosquito repellent spray, it can offer travellers protection from mosquito or other insect bites which can result in contracting Malaria or other tropical diseases. Here are our top 5 best mosquito repellent sprays for your travels.
  • Jun 10, 2018 · We now use the Parakito stuff which in our opinion, are the best mosquito repellent bands. These are a range of soft fabric mosquito repellent bands and also keyrings which have a small pocket in which you insert a citronella-scented tab (which is one of the best natural mosquito repellents and does the mozzie repelling magic part). I'm looking for the best mosquito repellent. We may not see any mosquitoes, but I want to be protected to the max. Bloodsucking insects love me!! Thanks for your expertise.

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  • After more than five years of full-time travel, often visiting mosquito ridden countries, I’ve finally found of what is the best mosquito repellent. When I first wrote this post in 2013, I was about to travel to Africa and planned to put some repellents to the test. I trialling a DEET based product, Repel 55,... 5e construct template
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